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Simplify the complex landscape

Navigate through the complexities of the ever-evolving Blockchain ecosystem and beyond. Understand multiple layers, protocols, and new innovations with ease.

Safeguard Your Blockchain Interactions

Minimize the risk associated with blockchain transactions. Protect your digital assets, including NFTs and tokens, from unseen threats.

Eliminate the Uncertainty

Benefit from Hiero's AI-driven insights to identify legitimate projects. Adapt Hiero to align with your worldview, enabling personalized guidance in making informed decisions.

Interact with Ease & Simplicity

Use simple natural language to interact with the blockchain—no technical jargon needed. Hiero brings the power of AI to translate your queries into meaningful blockchain insights.

Stay Ahead with Research & Insights

Continuously updated intelligence to keep you informed about the latest in blockchain. Get research-backed answers that empower your blockchain journey.

Think of Hiero as your to-go pal for navigating the busy world of blockchain, making you stay safe for your transactions and helping you figure out wich projects are worth your time, all in a way that feels like chatting over a coffee... 
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About us

We set out to transform how humans interact with blockchain.

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  • Johannes Pfeffer, PhD portrait

    Johannes Pfeffer, PhD

    CEO, founder

    Founder of Hiero and co-founder of a web3 venture studio. Been a founder in Ethereum since 2016.

  • Christian Hentschel portrait

    Christian Hentschel


    Specialized in Web3 and blockchain innovation for the last 10 years, pioneered Fractional NFTs and scalable blockchain solutions. Previous founder at Fantasy Sports.